How to furnish an open kitchen: ideas and advice

furnish an open kitchen

How to furnish an open kitchen: ideas and advice

The open space kitchen is one of the most popular compositions in the living area. Dividing an open space into two rooms no longer seems to be the ideal choice for separating the kitchen from the living room. At one time the problem of fumes and smells that was emanated from the kitchen and spread throughout the house was enough to leave the kitchen separate from the other areas of the house, dedicating a special room to it. Today, however, this problem has been overcome thanks to the installation of extractor hoodstechnologically more advanced, and the possibilities offered by design. The compositions of the new modern kitchens are directed towards concepts of larger environments in which the kitchen and living room become one, giving rise to a large, fluid, and functional space: we are talking about open kitchens.

The open kitchen is a trend that never tires: a space in which to enjoy a breakfast sitting at the table of the peninsula while the children play in the living room or in which to continue cooking while guests enjoy an aperitif without having to interrupt the conversation.

But how to decide the furnishing of the open kitchen? Let’s see some ideas and what to consider.

Modern kitchens open to the living room

Lovers of modern open kitchens can give free rein to their imagination to find particular and at the same time practical ideas to compose their ideal kitchen, integrating alternative furnishing elements such as glass walls, plasterboard walls or islands, to give an original look. and linear to the whole environment, from the kitchen to the living room.

There are endless furnishing possibilities for a modern open kitchen, but the important thing is to take into account 3 aspects:

  1. Aesthetics. The general appearance of the kitchen must maintain a harmonious sense with the living room, consequently, some attention must be paid to the colors, materials, and fabrics of the entire surrounding environment.
  2. Space available. This is an essential factor starting from which we can choose the composition that best suits the size of our room.
  3. Practicality. An aesthetically beautiful but not functional kitchen is not worth living. A kitchen is a place where we find ourselves preparing meals, cleaning vegetables, or simply drinking a glass of water several times a day. Every movement must be facilitated by the composition we choose, to make the most of our kitchen with a view.

Let’s see below some ideas of how an open kitchen can adapt to any type of environment.

Open kitchen with peninsula

The open kitchen with a peninsula is an ideal solution for those who want to combine space and taste needs, but who at the same time want to benefit from all the advantages of an open space environment

Open kitchen with Natural model peninsula

In the environment above we offer the Stosa Natural Kitchen in Oak and Neolith® top which, with its communicating glass wall units in the kitchen and living area, makes it ideal for lovers of open kitchens.

The kitchen with peninsula is a solution that opens up to conviviality and the sharing of spaces: being able to prepare dinner for your family and at the same time talk about the work or school day without being in the same space at the same time is a good way not only to optimize the time but also not to isolate oneself during a moment that could instead be exploited to confront each other.

Let’s not forget the advantage of having an eye on children while cooking: a need that alleviates the anxieties of today’s mothers, allowing them to dedicate themselves to their cooking with peace of mind while the little ones play in the living room or watch some TV.

Open kitchen with bay window

Another solution for a house with a unique and refined design is to furnish your open kitchen by installing a glass wall as a separating wall from the living area.

The open kitchen on the living room with a glass window is certainly a valid idea if you want to be sure not to contaminate the rest of the house with smells coming from cooking or frying food, to intensify the brightness of the environment, or as a design solution for more difficult environments to furnish (for example an attic).

Small open kitchen

Furnishing the kitchen of a studio or a two-room apartment of a few square meters requires arranging your kitchen to optimize the little space available.

A small open kitchen is certainly the best solution for this type of space: a small table or a small peninsula could be the ideal furnishing element to use as a partition without weighing down the separation of spaces.

Even a small kitchen can therefore be transformed into an open kitchen in the living room, with a hob with 3 or 4 burners, a refrigerator, an oven, and a sink, to have the functionality of a large kitchen even in a small space.

Corner kitchen

As the last composition, we want to include in the list also the corner kitchen: one of the most requested kitchens, with a high degree of customization.

Infinity model corner kitchen

The open kitchen that extends along the corner of the room is a suitable solution for those who want a completely personalized result and in particular to extend the kitchen space which usually has to adapt to a well-defined area.

In the image above we show the corner of the Infinity model, a modular kitchen signed by Stosa, which uses the corner to insert the hob and the day compartments.

The open space kitchens are perfectly suited to the values ​​that this environment is destined to convey over time: sharing food, space, and experiences. Furthermore, let’s not forget the ease of movement, practicality, and functionality that are enhanced by the modular open kitchens.

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