Carpet in the house: types and comforts

Carpet in the house: types and comforts

Carpet is a material that provides us with comfort and softness. It is a solid, durable, and long-lasting floor covering.

A solid, comfortable, and resistant floor are ideal for any room in the house. Many consider it a decorative resource that gives that extra touch to the decoration. For this reason, in this article, we will go to see the advantages of using carpets in the home. We will present the various types and we will talk about the comfort it gives to our feet when we walk on a floor covered with this material.

Well-being is achieved when we create a perfect environment to be inhabited. The feeling of being in a pleasant space provides us with that degree of happiness and relaxation essential for everyday life.

Many times we focus too much on the choice of furniture, the color of the walls, ornaments, appliances, etc. And the floors? Floors are also an essential part of the house that deserves our full attention.

Polyamide home carpet

At home, carpet has a very important function: it absorbs the impact with the ground and gives heat to the floor. One of the most used materials for carpet manufacturing is polyamide, a synthetic fiber that guarantees resistance and durability over the years.

Typically, polyamide fibers are 2.5 millimeters high. They do not produce unwanted ridges or lifts and have a higher degree of smoothness than other materials with which carpets are made. Obviously, you have to be careful with wine or other liquid stains. As for cleaning, you have to dry clean it.

This type of carpet is mainly used in public environments: offices, meeting rooms, etc. There are several colors. However, gray, beige, and garnet are the most used because they combine very well with the rest of the furniture.

Polypropylene carpet

One of the most used types of carpet in the home is polypropylene. Like the previous one, it is used to create a soft floor on which to walk. We can find it in different colors, but the manufacturing material always gives us the same guarantees.

If you want to use the carpet to cover a large area, we recommend that you consult a professional for installation. However, you can fix the carpet yourself, as long as you follow the instructions correctly.

The fibers are approximately 2 – 2.5 millimeters thick. They have a completely smooth and well-defined surface that lasts for many years. In addition, you will not notice traces of wear because the floor is not walked on like in a public place.

If the carpet gets dirty, you can use anti-stain treatments. Obviously, you must avoid spilling liquids and when cleaning it, you must use dry products. Also, keep in mind that footprints may be seen.

The texture may vary. Some carpets have very fine curly fibers, while others are completely smooth. Any option is valid, the choice is a matter of taste.

As for the colors, there is a wide variety. The colors neutral are generally the most popular. However, you can combine light tones with dark tones if you want to create a striking effect in the room.

Natural coconut fiber

A special mention deserves a really interesting type: the carpet made 100% with natural coconut fibers. This is a very unique product that is not usually found in homes or offices but is beginning to be used more and more.

It is composed of natural fibers with a PVC base that guarantees support and stability. This is smooth, very comfortable to the touch, and extremely durable. It is mainly used in offices and homes.

A decorative resource on which we can walk barefoot.

Close-knit carpet in the house

If you have small children, carpeting might be the solution for you. Usually, children play on the floor, therefore, they need a comfortable floor that will cushion their falls. The tightly woven carpet types are perfect for this purpose.

Usually, they have a higher thickness making contact with the groundless painful. They are perfect for the children’s room. In addition, they are so comfortable that your children can even sleep on the floor.

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