A Basic Way to Ride Steep Chutes on Mountain Bike

Basic Way to Ride Steep Chutes on Mountain Bike

A Basic Way to Ride Steep Chutes on Mountain Bike

Today it’s all about how to ride steep chutes, just like this one down. It’s steep and It’s nasty, but I’m going to show you how you can conquer your fears and do these things easily.

So here we are going to details how to ride steep chutes on a mountain bike like a pro.

Basic Way to Follow

It starts all the way up here for obvious reasons, because You dropping in now, what you want to do is put your bike to the side and assess the shoot that you’re going to be riding.

So, I’m going to come down here because from up there this bit right in the front here looked like it was a drop, but closer to inspections.

If it was a drop, it just adds a lot more complexity. So, the whole situation, which is another matter but this is a good thing because you can.

All your speed you can come in quite slow and just roll in tricky and then you would obviously gain speed before you go down the hill.

When you riding on the hill there is some confusion about full suspension vs hardtail which one is a better option.

Now the gully here is wide enough, which is good because my pedals are going to Clair it. And I’m not going to catch a pedal.

So, I have assessed and I’ve looked down the chute and there are no obvious obstacles that are needed to look out or just maybe need to go around and add more complexity to it and all that so that’s good.

What Approach Need to Follow

Now we have discussed the second stage and the second stage is the approach. Now, by looking at it and it is quite soft and loamy and which is good because it’s not going to be hard-packed in.

As soon as I lock up or modulate my brakes, it’s going to slide and speed up and all that and this is going to just add a lot more grip for me, which fills me with confidence, but you want to come all the way up to the top here.

You got to find a nice flat spot where you want to start. Now by starting further away from the shoot is better because you can kind of set yourself up.

You’re looking at it and by looking at it here, it looks rather daunting, and it’s very scary actually. But you can’t think like that because if you overthink something, you psyching yourself out of it.

When you having a nice long run-up like this, you can come in quite slow. You can do all your braking way up here and not just before you drop in.

So, if you follow me, we’re riding, we are committing ourselves. You just need to ride in slow and you that furthering those breaks.

We’re not locking them because if you lock a rear wheel, you tend to speed up and you don’t want to use the front brake too much, because if you are just jarring.

It’s going to lift the back up and it’s going to send your weight over the front, which you don’t want.

So, you want to be leaning back, but not too much and you want to lean back feathering those brakes and as soon as you get to this point.

Don’t start to think, put your feet down and lock up because at this point, right here is a kind of reposition where it’s a nonrefundable situation and when you carry on, you still modulate those breaks.

As soon as that bike starts to fade away and underneath you that’s when you lean back a little bit more, not too much because you don’t want that rear wheel to grab your butt and stop you and send your weight over the front.

Advanced Way to Do

You just want to let it fade away. Bend your knees, bend your elbows. Look at where you’re going.

Hold those brakes and don’t lock him, feather him, and then drop. Smoothly, and then just let the bike move underneath.

You don’t need to fight on it just go on exit point, which is all the way down there and once you’re going down there, it’s going to feel incredibly exhilarating. It’s like, you’ve just done your first role.

But on your bike, right? The third and final piece to the puzzle is you access it. This is where you want to be starting to slow right down.

You want to dig your heels down. You want to start digging those breaks and you want to find those anchors in those tires to just slow yourself down because you’re going to have a lot of speed coming down.

The chute, trust me, you will confident with what speed you’ve got your modulators breaks. Like I keep saying and slow right down, dig down, dig deep, slow self, right down high five yourself.

If you’ve got no mates or high five, your mates, if you got some shoot, it’s steep and it’s very intimidating, but I know one person that has got all the confidence.

He’s a good rider and he’s incredible. His name’s Jack Gill. He’s our creator and. I’m gonna because Jack has just watched this firsthand tutorial.

So, you know how to do it. I wouldn’t say all the course or just confidence. He, he kind of lacks, but he’s a good rider and you got a jacket don’t can you can do it?

We came here last maybe what, three months ago for a hardtail riding journey and I just stood there at the top thinking about doing it.

So, I’ve, haven’t been back since and I’ve quite wanted to do it. So I thought, well, I’ll give it a go and blaze. Yes. I’m going to rope Jack into it because he can do it.

There is it’s so easy for him to ride on the trail and he rides down all the stuff we arrived, but with a camera bag on.

Today’s leaving here and I’m going to ride down with the camera back but chutes you just need to overcome this challenge.

To overcome this chute challenge, you need perfect speed. Perfect speed means not so fast or not so slow speed and you don’t need to think about it too much.

Just start and go for it that’s it. When you ride just straightly focus on forward and you need to pedaling smoothly that’s it straight back up and You getting that mindset now.

It’s the first ones that nail you, you know, you can do it. You’ve got the abilities. You just got to be confident and you need to just drop it and you have got goosebumps for the map.


When you riding on mountain steep chutes is a common thing that you face but many riders don’t know how to overcome this issue. Here we have discussed some easy to solve.

I think you have got a great post about steep chute and you have to want to learn more you can visit a biking tips and tricks web blog OutdoorXsports and that’s an amazing blog for bikers.

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